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Dermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum

Dermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum

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Dermalogica's Age Bright Clearing Serum is a clever multi-tasking product that's designed to prevent breakouts while fighting skin ageing.

This concentrated serum contains Salicylic Acid that not only exfoliates the skin but accelerates cell turnover, along with reducing breakouts at the same time. 

Give yourself a brighter and more even look to your skin.


  • Exfoliates skin helping to reduce breakouts and fight the signs of ageing
  • Gives your skin a brighter appearance
  • Allows better absorption of any products applied afterwards

How to use

Apply a thin layer and allow to dry. Use all over the face and under your recommended Dermalogica moisturiser twice a day, as needed.

Lois’s Tip

Remember that when using products that contain exfoliants your skin will be especially sensitive to UV, so you may want to use a higher SPF daily.